Internet Safety In Teesside
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Safety Tips
For general safety tips for parents and children click on the links at the top of page.

If you have a specific concern or enquiry you can submit this by clicking on "Need Advice" (top of page) and completing the form. 


The two main dangers for children are?

  • Seeing - what comes into the computer e.g. sexual, hateful, racist, violent, illegal, misinformation. 
  • Saying - what goes out of the computer, giving out personal information which could see the child putting themselves at physical risk by meeting up with a stranger offline. 

Warning signs to look out for!

  • The child turns the computer monitor off or quickly changes the screen on the monitor when the parent or carer walks into the room. 
  • The child spends large amounts of time online, especially at night. 
  •  Pornography is found on the child's computer. 
  • The child receives phone calls from strangers or is making calls to unknown numbers. 
  • The child has received mail, or packages from a stranger. 
  • The child is becoming withdrawn from the family. 
  • The child is using an online account belonging to a total stranger. 
Do you really know what your child is up to on the Internet?

Protection for the child can come from the parent who:

  • Has knowledge – Basic ICT skills and an understanding of the dangers and online safety. 
  • Is observant – Monitoring the child’s online activities and being aware of the warning signs. 
  • Has an open and trusting relationship with the child – the child knowing they can turn to the parent when in difficulty are less likely to fall victim. 
Protection for the child can come from the child who:
  • Has knowledge – knows how not to give out personal information online and has an understanding of the dangers and online safety. 
  • Is observant – being aware of the warning signs and places of danger. 
  • Is sensible – behaving online, not flirting, using a genderless online name, and not getting into arguments. 


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