Internet Safety In Teesside
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1. Someone has sent you a message with words, pictures or something else which makes you uncomfortable. Should you:
Reply with the worst words you know so the person who sent the message will get scared and stop
Shut down the e-mail program, switch off the computer and don't tell anybody about it
Leave the computer as it is and go and tell an adult

2. You have been swapping e-mails with a 14 year-old boy, you like the same things and he wants you to meet him, but he says it'll be more fun if it's a secret. Should you:
Ask your parents if you can go
Go and meet him without telling anyone
Send a reply, giving him your phone number so you can talk to him first 

3. If someone is mean to you online, what should you do?
Tell your parents or Teacher and ignore the message
Send them a mean message back so that they will stop bothering you
Send them a nice email so they wont bother you no more

4. You have a new password. Who should you give it to if they ask?
Your best friend
Tell nobody
Your Brother or Sister 

5. What should you do if people you meet in chat rooms are rude to you, or they talk to you about things that make you feel uncomfortable?
Not worry about it, and keep chatting
Ignore them, and maybe they will go away
Leave the chat room, and tell your parents

6. A person you are chatting to tells you a lot of things about themselves, their name, where they live, what school they go to, and even their phone number. What should you do if they ask you what school you go to?
Phone them up to see if they are telling the truth about themsleves
Tell them which school you go to but no other personal information
Tell them nothing at all 

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