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Safety Tips Parents / Carers

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Education and Trust:
  • Children should be encouraged to tell their parents or carer when they come across something scary or threatening on-line. 
  • Children should not give out their full name, real address, telephone number or other personal information such as credit card details to people on-line without the permission from the parents or carer. 
  • Children should not meet face-to-face with someone they have met on-line unless their parents or carer says it's okay and preferably accompanied. 
  • Children should not respond to a message that's suggestive or makes them feel frightened and uncomfortable. Instead, they should print out a copy of the message and show it to their parents or carer. 
  • Children should not send pictures of themselves or of the family to anyone unless they have permission from the parents or carer, also pictures posted on a home web site should not contain any information that would identify them. 
  • Children should not open an attachment or download a file unless they know and trust the person who has sent it. 
  • Children should not take other people at face value they may not be what they seem. 
  • Children should stay in public areas of chat where there is other people around and they should never use their real name. 
  • Children should not become involved in arguments on-line they should back off. 
  • With their parents or carer children should put together a plan for safe surfing on the Internet. 
  • Children should find a healthy balance between computing and other activities and interests. 
  • Maintain your privacy and computer security and 
  • Ensure e-mail anti-virus software (e.g Norton Antivirus, AVG) is installed on the computer this will help to protect against unwanted viruses that once opened can render the computer useless (* update it regularly). 
  • Make regular backup copies of your personal data. 
Locking the computer when you are not around will ensure that children cannot access offensive material or personal information.
  • Position the computer in a central part of the house, this allows you to walk by and easily see what is on the screen, especially more so for the younger children (Use this as an opportunity to spend time with them). 
  • Agree the Internet ground rules, this could include limiting the Internet use to certain hours, pick the hours when you are around, this can also send the message that late-night surfing is off-limits. 
  • Monitor their compliance with these rules, especially when it comes to the amount of time children spend on the computer. 
  • Check the hard drive and any floppy disks every once in a while. Look for downloaded images stored on the hard drive or on floppy disks. They are easily spotted, because they generally end with either ".jpg" or ".gif " 
  • Check the browser history to find out which sites have been recently visited. 
  • * Let children know you are checking downloaded materials. Snooping through their private things without letting them know could be taken by them as a violation of their privacy. 
  • Install filtering software (e.g Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol) on the computer this allows children to access the world wide web and other Internet features whilst making an effort to screen or block out offensive material. 
  • Use family-based filtered Internet Service Providers these services clean up pornography, gambling, illegal activity and other offensive material before it enters the home. 


If you would like to down load and print the full version of these tips click on the PDF icon to the left of the document name. 
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