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US UCLA Internet Report February 2003

UCLA Center For Communication Policy 
Studying the impact of online technology on America. 

The survey found that more than 80% of US children who used the Internet last year did so at home, "a substantial increase over 2000 and 2001," and nearly three-quarters of children who used the Internet in 2002 went online at school, up from little more than half of children in 2000. Here are some other key findings concerning kids:

* 44.9% of adults surveyed said that the children in their households watch too much TV, while 18.3% say the children spend too much time online. (*but* that 18.3% figure has "drifted upward" over the 3 years the study's been conducted). 
* Almost a third of children watch less TV since having Net access, up from 23% the year before (2001). 
* Nearly 75% of adults said that, since their homes started Net service, their children's school grades have stayed the same. 
* Almost all adults said the Internet had no impact on their kids' interaction with friends (but they also said that - since getting the Net at home - the number of people they - the adults - are in touch with has increased).
* Many Net users have more than one screen name for email, chat, instant-messaging, etc. They average 2.2 screen names each. A small number across all age ranges say they have multiple screen names, each with its own personality. 

More generally, the survey found that the percentage of Americans who use the Net was 71.1% in 2002 (down from 2001 at 72.3%, but up from 2000 at 66.9%); the percentage of those who use it *at home* was 59.3% (58.4 for '01, 46.9% for '00); and the percentage of students who use the Net at school was 73.7% (72.9% for '01, 59.9% for '00). Americans spend an average of 11.1 hours online a week (9.8 hours in '01, 9.4 in '00). 

One of the report's conclusions about the "dot-com collapse" was that "the only thing dead about the Internet is the extravagant, unrealistic, 'anything goes' attitude that prevailed in the dot-com sector in the late-1990s." The researchers also suggested that "we may find that the most important issues about the Internet are trends that have not yet emerged," and they may emerge when most of the population has high-speed connections. 

The complete report can be downloaded in pdf format  Click Here

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