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Flyer - Aimed @ Parents/Carers
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Child vs Predator Internet Safety In Teesside
"You can be a 13-year-old online and so can anyone else!"
Do you really know who your child is talking to online?

Is your child revealing personal information online?

Chat Rooms/Instant Messaging

It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 chat rooms, with 1 in 5 children visiting chat rooms when online. No one really knows how many of the users are predators who prowl the Internet each day with one goal in mind: to find a child, develop a relationship and eventually meet with that child for the purpose of a sexual encounter.

Estimates have been put at 50,000 but this can not be confirmed.

The dangers are real according to NCH Action For Children in the past 2 years at least a dozen men have been jailed in England and Wales for sex offences involving children, whom they met in chat rooms.

In May 2002, 13-year-old teenager Christina Long, from the United States was killed by Saul Dos, a Brazilian immigrant she had met through the Internet.

Is your child revealing personal information online?

If you do not already know it may be worth asking your child and checking the computer.

1. Where does your child go online?

2. Is your child using chat rooms and Instant Messaging?

3. Is there information about your child on the Internet?

(Carry out search on the Internet using your childís name)

4. How does your child find information online?

5. Who is your child talking to?

6. Does your child have a personal web site?

7. What name does the child use for their online profile and e-mail account?

8. Does your child have other e-mail accounts? (Web based e.g Yahoo, Hotmail)

9. Does your child have a going away message for their e-mail and Instant Messaging Client?

10. What names are in the childís address book or buddy list?

(Do you know them in real life? if not class them as a stranger)

This is no game!

Strangers donít need sweets to lure children anymore!

Internet Safety In Teesside recently compiled a study "Children On-line In Teesside" over a one-year period, August 2001 to August 2002, using face to face discussions with families and young people from Teesside. Unfortunately the findings from the research clarified that the online sexual exploitation of children in Teesside was taking place. 


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