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Research Report
Children On-line In Teesside

The risks posed to children on-line in Teesside

An observation of young people and families on-line in Teesside

By David Stenson - Internet Safety In Teesside


This report focuses on the evolving problem of predators (paedophiles), who are using the anonymous nature of the Internet to entice children into a sexual encounter.
The report draws on past studies, which looked at the on-line sexual exploitation of children and the behaviour of adolescents on-line. 
The aim of the research was to identify if children in Teesside were victims of on-line sexual exploitation.

The research took place over a one-year period, between August 2001 to August 2002, with discussions taking place with families and young people from Teesside. 
The findings clarified that the on-line sexual exploitation of children in Teesside was taking place.
This causes concern and should be used as wake up call for anyone who has a responsibility for the protection and welfare of children. 

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