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Safety Tips Children

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  • Always tell someone when you come across something upsetting or threatening on-line. 
  • Never give out your full name, real address, telephone number or other personal information such as credit card details, passwords to people on-line. 
  • Never meet face-to-face with someone you've met on-line unless your parents or carer says it's okay or they accompany you. 
  • Never respond to a message that's suggestive or makes you feel frightened and uncomfortable, instead print out a copy of the message and show it to someone. 
  • Donít send pictures of yourself or your family to anyone youíve met online, and donít place them on a web site that contains contact information. 
  • Donít open an attachment or download a file unless you know and trust the person who has sent it. Ensure that you have an up to date antivirus programme on the computer. 
  • Donít take other people at face value Ė they may not be what they seem, and donít believe everything you see online. 
  • Always stay in the public areas of chat where there is other people around and do not use your real name or a provocative name. 
  • Donít become involved in arguments online back off. 
  • Use common sense and trust your own instincts, if in doubt seek help. 
Enjoy other activities and interests donít spend all your time on your computer, and donít forget to make a back up copy of all your work J

If you need help

Inform your parent, carer, or teacher


If you would like to down load and print the full version of these tips click on the PDF icon to the left of the document name. 
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