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Internet Safety Books
There are a number of books available on Internet safety here are a couple of examples.

Book Description - Katherine Tarbox 

Katie first "met" 23-year-old Mark in a chat room on American Online. She was only 13, yet Mark recognised her as someone mature for her age. They arranged to meet at a swimming gala, but "Mark" turned out to be Frank, a 41-year-old paedophile. This is Katie's story.


Parent's Guide to Protecting Children in Cyberspace - Parry Aftab 

This text gives a step-by-step guide on how to let your children enjoy the benefits of the Internet, while avoiding its perils. It alerts parents to the possible dangers and provides practical tips on how to prevent children from being harmed. The text addresses such topics as cyber porn, cyber stalkers, chat rooms, and sites that promote violent fantasy role-playing, suggesting ways of preventing children gaining access. In a special section on British Internet related law, the author suggests where to go for advice and what to do if things go wrong.

Internet Security

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