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Our Aim
A child on a computer Helping to make the Internet experience a safer one for parents and children!

Do you really know who you are chatting to online?

About Us
Internet Safety In Teesside was founded in August 2001 by volunteer David Stenson. David has been online since 1996 and is a qualified online tutor who has previously tutored for the University of Leeds, and the UFI/Learndirect E-Learning Team. 
March 2002 saw Internet Safety In Teesside win two national awards for funding:

About Community Champions Community Champions About Parents      in the Community Millennium Awards Parents in the Community Millennium Awards
Langridge Initiative Centre Middlesbrough  West Redcar Community School Redcar 

David Stenson had an electronic mailing list set up which was used to update members of news and developments of this programme.  There was 44 members whose backgrounds vary from police officers, child support workers, youth workers, and parents. 

We have an New electronic mailing list set up which is used to update members of news and developments of this programme.  Currently there are 0 members.   If  you would like to become a member of this mailing list please send an  explaining a little bit about yourself.

We would like to thank the following media for their coverage
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We can provide: Support Education Advice Training
On all aspects of Internet Safety to both individuals and groups
To: Parents, carers, children, teens, health and social workers, police, therapists, family counsellors, domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape crisis centres, children support groups, teachers, libraries, and anybody who has an interest in the protection of children using the Internet.

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